Image masking service is an excellent way to remove the background from the soft edges of images such as human hair, furry clothes, dolls, etc. Sometimes, the masking technique is applied in combination with the clipping path technique to remove or replace the image’s background. Normally, the clipping path technique is used for hard edges, and the mask is used for soft or soft edges.

We offer different types of masking services. Some of them are like the following:

Hair and Flesh Masking:

Hair and pulp with finer sophisticated edges and fur area, for alpha and layer masking, brush size, Photoshop masking tolerance is adjusted correctly during the Photoshop clipping mask. Generally, this technique is used in fur clothes, model images, shadow creation, doll images, blankets, etc.

Our specialized designers are experts in masking hair and meat to look more natural and realistic.

Alpha channel masking:

image masking service

image masking service

The image is saved as in the alpha channel after separating the background object by clipping or masking the image. Brightness, contrast, exposure can be easily edited later. Masking the Photoshop layer increases the file size, and masking the alpha channel makes the file size more convenient to upload or download.

Sometimes the entire process of object selection or background masking is performed using the channels, and objects with a single color or zigzag background can be selected by the alpha channel masking process.

Transparent or Translucent Object Masking:

To cut a transparent or translucent object from its background and place it on another background, it is sometimes essential to maintain its transparency. When the transparency is retained, the object will be transparent in the new background, and the color correction will be visible through the object. This type of mask is required for any glass, plastic packages, frosted paper, transparent fabrics such as muslin, etc.

Collage masking:

If customers want, different objects are combined to create a complete image using Photoshop collage masking. Here, it is possible to create a new photo when copying and pasting different objects. By using collage masking, we can easily create a natural image.

Why will you select us?

We have expert designers who work with different types of image masking. Therefore, we offer the highest quality of work at competitive prices and fast delivery time. Our honorable clients are our top priority.

You can use our free trial service to guarantee our service and quality. The weekly / monthly payment plan is available if you have a large project. Also, get a discount for granting the Clipping Mask Service (CMS) with an image.