Photoshop Shadow Creation Service is very important In image manipulation services. sometimes the quality of the image can be made more attractive to the customer by adding shadow. To do this Photoshop shadow creating service is very much important and necessary.

Based on the procedures, complexity, target products or item photos clipping path services can be categorized like the following.

Based on the image categories image shadows may be divided into some specific classes like the following.

  • Natural shadow
  • Product shadow
  • Reflection shadow etc.
  • Photoshop drop shadow

Product/ Natural Shadow

shadow creation service

 During photography in some product photos, the background surface does not reflect in the bottom area. Normally we use the product/natural shadow for this type of object. The quality and beauty of the product or object are increased and as a result, the customers and users are attracted.

Reflection Shadow

This type of shadow is applied to such products whose background surface plate reflects in the bottom area during photography. The objects like glass, mug, glass bottles, steel spoons, medical products, shiny plastic bottles, ceramic products, jewelry products furniture products,car-image, shiny electronic equipment, etc.

Drop Shadow

shadow creation service

shadow creation service

The drop shadow creation is created on the different sides of the object like right, left, top, bottom. The shadow opacity, the glow can be created also. Normally this type of shadow creation is applied to some specific products like clothing items of t-shirt, shirt, pants, underwear, panty, etc. It can be also applied to objects like books, pens, tables clothes, wallets, mobiles, flat chains, earrings, simple rings, etc.

We normally remove the background before making the shadows. We use Photoshop clipping path or image masking services to remove the background of the image.

Sometimes in many product photography natural shadow of the product is created by using studio lighting, perspective etc. if the client demands, we remove them by keeping the natural shadow unchanged and then we make a soft shadow by using different Photoshop techniques. We do it easily and at a very competitive price. We normally do this work on objects like furniture items, clothing, shoe, electronics item, plate, bowls, bottles, etc. when we work on this type of object we give special attention to lighting re-arrangement. We can easily observe the product perspective, lighting, shadow, overexposed, underexposed, etc. on the screen. All these things help to create a beautiful shadow by rearrangement and adjustment. Not only here but they can be used further for various purposes such as e-commerce sites, websites, digital media, magazines, printing media, etc.

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